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Silhouette Of A Sunkken City – Spark Master Tape

Silhouette Of A Sunkken City – Spark Master Tape

🎚01. Intro
🔥02. All About the Money
🔥03. 365
🚒05. Chalkk
🔥06. Bus Stop
🌊07. Livin’ Lavish
🌊08. Hustlers
🎚09. War Report Interlude
🚒10. Panama Papers
🌊11. Reefa
🎞12. Must Die Interlude
🌊13. Lonely the Nights
🌊14. Sigelli
👍🏾15. She Started Talkin’
🌊16. Run em’ Dry
🚒17. Goin’ Robbin’
🌊18. Medicine
🌊19. SWOUP in the Whip
🔥20. One Army One
🔥21. We Shall Rise

Off rip I saw 21 songs and thought I would be miserable. I couldnt be any more wrong. This project was a fucking ride. Everything was different. He had this deep effect on his voice the whole time, that shit was fire. Every beat was strange on top of being trippy and fire. The pacing was dope, the concept was dope, the shit he was rapping about ranged from good time, to real shit to dope swagging. He didnt do anything wrong on here. You can drive to this, zone out, put it on whenever and it will become the soundtrack to whatever you are doing. I wish it was on all streaming so I could add it to my phone. In rotation tho.
John D.

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