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Soundtrack to Your Wait – ANGX

Soundtrack to Your Wait – ANGX

I🎞01. ^ (Intro)
🆗02. The Pressure
🌊03. Colors
🌊04. I’m Just Really Afraid f. 🆗Bedrock Sway
🌊05. I Told You Freestyle
🌊06. How Far Iz Oz?
🌊07. I Need My Reparations Too
🌊08. Icebreaker
🌊09. No Hope Left
🌊10. Appearances
🔥11. Volumes f. Channelcasper
🌊12. Journal
🆗13. Before My Flight
🎞14. It’s A Long Way Up (Skit)
🆗15. A Toast A Year From Now

Project slides, dudes delivery is monotone but a bit upbeat. Hes rapping his ass off for sure, features were 50/50, dude did some singing, but mainly he held his own the entire time. Project is actually 13 tracks 2 skits and its roughly 30 min so dont be intimidated by length. The production is fire, the quality is as good as soundcloud will let it be. This highkey couldve finished stronger, but also its a crime that its only on soundcloud. In rotation for sure tho it all flowed smoothly.
John D.

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