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One Man Click Pt. 1 – One Man click

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One Man Click Pt. 1 – One Man click
👎 01. Third Coast Locos (Feat. 🚮 Miss Celi, Poetic & Mc Piexi)
💤 02. Cuete (Feat. Loso Fly & 40winks)
🆗 03. All My Life (Feat. Madelyn Victoria)
💤 04. Hustle N Struggles
🆗 05. This Lil Piggy (Feat. 40 Winks & Big Tim)
🚮 06. El Juego (Feat. Poetic)
💩 07. The Reason Why (Feat. Madelyn Victoria)
🚮 08. Throwing it Down (Feat. Madelyn Victoria & Poetic)
🚮 09. How I Feel (Feat. Madelyn Victoria)
🚮 10. Hustlas Mentality (BRUH)
💤 11. How We Ride (Feat. Madelyn Victoria & Poetic)
💤 12. Para Mi (Samples Cool)
Project is ass. Raps are wack, Homie has a filter on his voice the whole time. High key made me want to pull my hair out listening. Some of the beats are remotely bearable until you or one of your features decides to give it the Ned Stark treatment, But you sir need to either NEVER sing again or learn what sounds good for your voice. I suggest the first one, But hey… That just me. This isn’t the one chief.
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