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Guns – Quelle Chris

Guns – Quelle Chris
Guns – Quelle Chris
👍🏾01. Spray and Pray
🔥02. Guns
🤖03. Color of the Day
🆗04. Mind Ya Bidness
🌊05. It’s the Law (Farewell Goodbye Addio, Uncle Tom) f. U.G.L.Y. Boy Modeling
🔥06. Wild Minks f. Mach Hommy
🌊07. Box of Wheaties f. Denmark Vessey, Maurese & Ronnie “Hands” Palmolive
🌊08. PSA Drugest 2003 (Sleeveless Minks)
🥶09. Sunday Mass f. Bilal Salaam
🌊10. Straight Shot f. Cavalier, Bilal Salaam, Eldar Djangirov & James Acaster
🔥11. Obamacare
🔥12. You, Me & Nobody Else f. Jean Grae & Jonathan Hoard
🌊13. Wyrm
Project is different. As expected. its also super woke. as expected. It has its points where it gets a lil too weird and a bit too different but it kinda makes everything else hit more. When it gets smooth, its very fucking smooth, when it gets aggressive its very fucking aggressive.I appreciated that. I did not appreciate Jean not giving me 32 BARS on track 12. All around tho project is a scrambled thought brought to completion. Production is all over. Quality is high but the message is higher. In rotation.
John D.
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