Rooted – Flex Luthor

Rooted – Flex Luthor


Rooted – Flex Luthor
?1. Just an Intro
??2. Alone I
??3. Self Love
?/??4. Diamond Teeth
?5. Perspectives
?6. Rooted
??7. Alone II (Autotune Took this one from you)
?8. Shower Thoughts
I appreciate the acknowledgement of privilege, off rip you adding that to the intro in a not corny, but swaggy way hooked me. Then it immediately started losing me. Projects messy, I get the concept and idea but the delivery was a bit much too, beats are changing left and right, whatever he was rapping about changes just as much, and the pacing goes with it. When its slow, its too slow, when it picks up, its not for long and when hes cooking he immediately stops it and starts doing the whole new age swaggy rap thing which is upsetting considering how it started. Thought I was gonna get woke raps, but I got some sad boy mixed with some appropriation and scrambled thoughts. I know you can give us something special. This has hope but falls short.
John D.


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