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The Alligator King – Greaseball

The Alligator King – Greaseball
The Alligator King – Greaseball
👍01. Break Your Head (intro)
🆗02. The Alligator King
🆗03. The Pain
🌊04. Vegetables
🌊05. Goodbye River
👍06. Stupid Vampire
📽07. D Train Calls (skit)
🔥08. Hephty Says Hello
🆗09. I Think I Do
🔥10. The Gator and Me
🆗11. The Girl From Kosmos
👍12. Trap Dad
🌊13. Underwear (Guest bed)
🆗14. Azul ( ft Birote the Musical)
🌊15. How it Feels (Outro)
Projects pretty smooth beats are nice and simple overall production quality is nice and clean. Guys got a great voice and he’s flowing smoothly in the pocket but some of these songs start to drag about halfway through them. He needed to throw like a more energetic song on here to mix it up a little. Biggest critique is this project is to long for the tempo and mood just makes it drag on forever.
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