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Fantastic Raps and Where to Find Them – LaBrea Music


Fantastic Raps and Where to Find Them – LaBrea Music
? 01. 2 Fold
? 02. Static
? 03. F.M.O II (Feat. Clinton LG)
? 04. Fantastic Planet (Feat. Dope Syndicate Bratislava)
? 05. Shoot the Drone (Feat. APITO GOIEZ)
? 06. Authors of the Universe (Feat. Leon The King)
? 07. Not Gonna Write You a Diss Song (Feat. Seis the 6th Element)
? 08. Exercise Routine (THIS ALL FAX)
? 09. The Night Comes for Us
? 10. Life (Feat. Koga Yokai
? 11. Cycles (Feat. ? Nizz Sentine � & Apito Goiez)
? 12. Intermission (Feat. Tall Can)
? 13. Unstoppable
Project should have been a EP, I will admit he has bars. He has substance. He saying some dark and woke shit and the production is wild. (There are some meh ones mixed in.) Overall he just suffers from light case of “word salad” at times, and the project took a hit because of it. Also because you named your project something so bold, I held it to a higher standard. Definitely some tracks in rotation tho.


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