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The Drifter – Frank Bosa

The Drifter – Frank Bosa
The Drifter – Frank Bosa
🆗1. Anti
🚮2. Jon Snow f. 🚛WavyFlame
💤3. Dehydrated (Mix is ass)
🆗4. Lonely One
🚛5. I Just Wanna
😴6. Loser
👎🏾7. Whole Lotta f. Dreadhead Jackson & Doofdum
🌊8. Lucy f. Doofdum
Project is mad stiff. High fructose corn syrup. Wack fake confident delivery. The beats were aight. The mix was weak, the shit he was rapping about was trash. His raps were like keanu reeve’s kung fu. Had a bunch of corny bars, and stretching words terribly to make them rhyme n what not. It just wasnt good. Waste of dope beats, I would say waste of features but most were ass. Whats crazy is this project couldve easily been dope if the MC was actually dope. Next.
John D.
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