Fuego EP – Lord Coonie

Fuego EP – Lord Coonie


Fuego EP – Lord Coonie
?1. BreakTheLaw
??2. Ham Sandwich
??3. In the Cut
?4. Basement
?5. Yoda f. Andrew October & Tommy Midnight
Project is fucking stupid. In the best way possible, there is no doubt in my mind this dude takes this music shit full serious. From his name to the music. Projects quick too, minus that disaster of a last song. Everything else isnt bad, its type funny at time but also like full retard lit type shit so i wasnt mad at it at all, its clean, prod was ok and he was rapping enough to make it bearable. If you go into this lookin for substance or anything that the new age is not providing, then you might be slow because look at his name.
John D.


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