Supermarket (Soundtrack) – Logic

Supermarket (Soundtrack) – Logic


Supermarket (Soundtrack) – Logic
?01. Bohemian Trapsody
?02. Can I Kick It f. Juto
?03. Time Machine (Highkey a lil peep song)
?/?04. Pretty Young Girl (switchup was cool)
??05. Supermarket
?06. Baby
?07. By the Bridge
?08. Best Friend
?09. Lemon Drop
?10. I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World
?11. Vacation from Myself
?12. DeLorean
?13. I Love You Forever
So now that the half black gimmick is washed up my man decided to go full white. He put on some alkaline trio records, some pop hits and hung out at a hipster spot where acoustic guitars are welcome and strung together this project. Off rip money gave this quality so it sounds clean. It unfortunately exposes the fact hes ran out of anything meaningful or original to say. He uses classic hooks and lines all over the place, familiar things to really try to squeeze out mainstream radio pop, and it honestly makes him the weakest factor to this project. Everything else on this couldve provided any other artist with a classic, logic makes it mostly underwhelming.
John D.


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