Blap Master – ProHoeZak

Blap Master – ProHoeZak


Blap Master – ProHoeZak
?01. Yay Area
?02. It’s Ya Birthday f. Prof Thee
??03. Lean Back f. Too Short
?04. After Da Club f. Clyde Carson
?05. I Can’t Breathe
??06. I Got Tree
??07. You Scared (Spin That S***t) f. Dirty Milk
?08. He Aint Buyin No Beats
?09. Cocaina
?10. I Got Hair
??11. F**k In My Ride f. ??The Official B-Legit
?12. Thirsty Bitch (Lil Booty Intro)
?13. Money Don’t Make You Rich
?14. Loochie In Da Bank f. Ladybug Mecca
?15. Fly f. Clyde Carson
?16. Hold Me Down
?17. Mufugga (this needs an a hype emoji)
This shit is Old niggas gone wild. The talk about kidnapping, beating, or fucking your bitch(es) after or at the club. Its wild, this whole project screams loud laughing old head with an all cream colored fit, hat and ear bluetooth ear piece. This is the dark side of domino’s at cookouts, when the music isnt for the kids anymore but they gotta still hear it, its so old I heard a nicki meek mill bar about them being together. All the beats are if old heads suddenly accepted tyga. Overall if this was played in a club or like a cheesy car movie, I would understand and wouldnt be mad but as far as in my car or headphones or the comfort of my own home? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh
John D.


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