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Off Top – 1 A.M.


Off Top – 1 A.M.
?1. Grandma’s Voice (Skit)
?2. My Heart
??3. You Know f. Khan (Hook took away from this)
??4. Off Top
?5. Not in Service (Skit)
?6. Wonder Why
??7. Be Alright f. Kai B.G.
Project is smooth. Homegirl can fucking rap, she out here vibing like its the summertime in the 90’s. She was out here rapping, and holding down some hooks too, tho 1 was shaky it wasnt bad i get what you were going for. The production was also very smooth, simple but effective, giving her space to get busy. features did they thing but honestly i dont think they were needed, I was more interested in just hearing her get after it. Projects a bit too short, but im ready for what’s next. In rotation.
John D.


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