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The World As We Knew It – Jorlov

The World As We Knew It – Jorlov
The World As We Knew It – Jorlov
🔥01. Rebirth – Intro
🔥02. No Time (ft Brody Hale , MKHL)
🌊03. Trauma In D Minor (ft Ronnie Martine-Hall , Cirilloj )
📽04. Life on Earth – Scene
🔥05. To The Moon (ft Ronnie Watts)
🔥06. Smokey Rooms (ft Bella Siskind , Will Rosenthal)
🌊07. Dreams (ft Brody Hale, Ronnie Watts)
👍08. Crazy (ft Bella Siskind, AL-X The Great)
🌊09. SpaceEX (ft Lakonic )
🔥10. Enter The Machine – Finale (ft Will Rosenthal & Bella Siskind)
Project is wild different from anything out right now. Production is crazy every song is distinctly different but they all weave together nicely, the concept of the project is pretty wild to and I highly recommend listening to this project top to bottom don’t skip any of the ‘scenes’ . All the features pulled their weight and it brings the project together nicely.
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