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Exception – Zero 610


Exception – Zero 610
??01. Let It Rock
?02. Nofronts
?03. Iffy
??04. !!!
?05. No Response
??06. GoinThruit f. Keyshawn.
?07. 777(Untitled)
?08. In the Club (Skit)
?09. Lost (Interlude)
?10. Find Me
?11. Alone
?12. Come Outside f. Tres Allen
?13. Solo (Interlude)
??14. Outta Pocket
?15. On Go
??16. Listentomymixtapeitsfire
?17. In the Valley f. Tres Allen
Man if you wanna hear someone really out here tryna show yall or someone who said he couldnt that he can fucking rap this is it. He out here snapping with a whole bag of chips on his shoulder. Hes doing new age, flows, old flows, choppin, rap rappin all of it comfortably. The quality is good, and the production is all over the place for the better. Theres smooth, aggressive, trap lazy type, all types of variety and it has nice pacing. Lowkey tells a bit of a story too. This is what you put out when you want to show people you make music and not just whats hot or the wave. In roation.
John D.


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