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The Lighthouse EP – Prophet

The Lighthouse EP – Prophet
The Lighthouse EP – Prophet
👍🏾1. Ocd
👍🏾2. It Didn’t Happen Overnight
🔥3. Lonely Man (Sample is fucking gasssss)
🌊4. To the Moon and Back
🌊5. Power
Project is dope. Dude slides, and honestly you can hear the progress song for song. It goes with the theme and story. It comes together nice, he does his thing gets a message across, its got dark, its got positive, its got real rap, but hes also doing his singing thing. I see you sir. its smooth and honestly this is one of those ones that at the right point in someones life they can hear it and it can leave a mark on them. Its a good listen, his cadence may not hit for everyone at first but outside of that, this is a dope ep from the pen to the beats to the quality. In rotation.
John D.
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