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Cosmos – Trace

Cosmos – Trace
Cosmos – Trace
🌊 01. Gelato (Feat. Duzi)
🌊 02. Ring Around the Rosie
🔥 03. Lonely Christmas
👍 04. David’s Interlude (Feat. David Coady, RMT)
🔥 05. Mellow
🌊 06. Moccasins
🌊 07. Hours (Feat. David Coady)
🌊 08. So In Love
🔥 09. Schoolyard Bloomer
🌊 10. Tradition (Feat. David Coady)
🔥 11. Letter 2 My Insecurities (feat. Aislin Erickson)
This Project is a vibe, Very New age. But done in the best way possible. He sounds comfortable. He’s wild talented. He can sing is ass off. He can Rap. He has substance. His content is relatable. With a bunch of fire production. This is what the new wave should be trying to do. Not just drool all over beats. In rotation.
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