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Azraq – PTJ

Azraq – PTJ
Azraq – PTJ
😴1. Violent Danger f. iNteLL (the rest of the song?)
🚮2. When I 8leed I Creep
🆗3. C Me Now f. 🌊AK40Devin
🆗4. Liccin Season
😴5. Chess
First off my man you gotta know when the beat ride out is a bit too much. I felt like Spice adams but instead of waiting for a kick in i was waiting for it to end. The raps show promise but overall very uncomfortable, you rushing words, and struggling to connect things smoothly the entire time. Your features souffle’d you. The beats were ok, bit quiet not really noticeable enough to care. Project needs allot. Elbow grease, comfort, more real feel, and experience. This one wasnt it. Potential is here tho.
John D.
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