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My Own Manz – Stitch

My Own Manz – Stitch
My Own Manz – Stitch
🚛1. MTC
💤2. Iceman (Beat is so strange)
🚮3. Wett The Blockk
😴4. Bob Dylan (mix is trash)
😴5. Chucky
👎🏾6. Audi
🚮7. VBucks
💩8. Chopper on me
👍🏾9. K.O.
This compilation is ass. quality ass, raps are new age but of the ass kind, the beats are slightly ass and the mixing is all the butt cheeks. The last track is the only thing that doesnt belong on this mix. Other than that its a waste of time. Nothing worth running back, nothing original or good for that matter. You can delete it off soundcloud. I know you need dat space.
John D.
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