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I’m Alive – 8oh8

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I’m Alive – 8oh8
🗑01. Intro (prod. ImaBaller)
💩02. Untitled
🗑03. Man I Gue$$ (prod. 1HUNNIND)
💤04. Rare ft Big Ant
🗑05. Get The Money (Run it Up) (Prod. Lottoka$h)
💩06. Trust Me (prod. REMBOT)
💩🗑🚫✋07. Difficult (prod. Senju)
💩08. Stay inYourLane ft Ksimm (prod. BACEFACE)
💤09. Bahdie (prod. ImaBaller)
💩10. Wake Up (prod. TOX1C Beatzz)
💩11. I Hop In My Coupe (prod. ImaBaller)
💩12. No Sleepin (Sell Your Mattress) (prod. 1HUNNIND)
💩13. Capitan (prod. Menoh Beats x IamTash)
This project sounds like a kid from the burbs joined a youth sports leaugue in a less wealthy community, he’s using all the slang correctly it just doesn’t quite sound right coming out of him. Everything sounds mad uncomfortable and forced, bars are extra swaggerless. Even his adlibs sound like they don’t wanna be here. usually the project gets better the longer you listen but I had the opposite experience here it just gets worse.
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