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IYF – Kawaii


IYF – Kawaii
? 01. I’m Your Fault
? 02. Blues (Feat. Crash)
? 03. Te Quiero Mucho (I SEE YOU on that hook)
? 04. Agua (Feat. Tim Saunders)
? 05. RBF (Feat. Tim Saunders)
? 06. STC
? 07. Spend The Night
? 08. Broken (Feat. Caesar)
? 09. Lost Ones Too
Project is solid, Production is clean for the most part, There are some tracks that could have used some more TLC when it came to mixing and mastering. Same goes for some of the content. I will say he is talented. He can rap and sing his ass off. He has substance. With some more polishing I can see him being a low key problem.


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