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Basics – Atn Prime & MillRoc Productions

Basics – Atn Prime & MillRoc Productions
📼01. Hip Hop Is…
👍🏾02. Prelude
🌊03. Day One
🌊04. Commemorate (My Heart)
🔥05. Broken Dreams
🎶06. Prime (Interlude)
🔥07. Boom Bap
🌊08. Barz
🔥09. Comeback Kid
🌊10. Superfly
🌊11. Lucky Man
🌊12. Move Up
🌊13. Until We Meet Again
Project slides. This is hands down some of the best production I have ever heard. This shit spoke to me, the smoothest of smooth. Nothing against his raps, but this production alone with nothing on it, is rating high. That being said he does’t disappoint either. Dude can fucking rap, He slides over this comfortably, nothing too crazy, nothing to wow anyone, just pure raps. Its a perfect combo. Its all clean, its got heart, its got soul, and it all flows. This is a perfect passion project to have in a catalog but also this makes me wanna see whats next. In rotation.
John D.
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