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Tenacious – T.E.E

Tenacious – T.E.E
??1. The Glow Up (He rappin his ass off)
?2. Issue
?3. Thanos Vs. Everybody
?4. Good Going
??5. Face
?6. C.O.M.S
??7. Real Talk, Pt. 2
?8. Peace of Mind f. Greg Dos
?9. Run It
Project aint bad at all. One thing is very clear, homie and his features can fucking rap, all over the place, flows bars, substance all of that they can really fuck some shit up. Production tho kinda took away from this, its not bad but its very regular for the amount of shit goin on rap wise. Dudes got a dope cadence and such but needs the beats and hooks to really add that twist. Also this project almost hits the too many raps limit where back to back to back you start to just blank out and lose focus, almost to a boring extrent. Overall tho I had a good time. In rotation.
John D.

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