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Baggage – Sk, the Novelist

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Baggage – Sk, the Novelist
🌊01. Brain Said
🔥02. Bones f. P.T.P
🔥03. Limit Pusher
🌊04. All Mine
🔥05. Baggage f. Thiago
🌊06. God on My Side f. Konvo
🌊08. Sk’s Home f. Musashi Xero
🚒09. Pyramid f. TheDeeepEnd
🔥10. Big Bills f. John Harper
🔥11. The Jam (The One Made by Space
🌊12. All Yours // Live’s Soliloquy
Project is fucking dope. It has it all, fire beats, fire raps, fire flows, fire features (minus track 7 he was aight), fire quality. This project honestly has everything you would want in a hip hop project maybe only missing a like fire story telling song but thats it. Its very cohesive on a sound tip, like it all “sonically” made sense. Honestly after my first listen i havent stopped running it back. its a good ass time, just needs a diamond. In heavy rotation.
John D.
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