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The Spoken Word – A Hype

The Spoken Word – A Hype
The Spoken Word – A Hype
💩 01. Step 2 Da Side (…this is dude can’t be serious)
💩 02. Run for it ( Yep… He’s serious)
💩 03. Jail Time
💩 04. Spit It For A Fact
💩 05. Potent Style
💩 06. The Three Rap Heads
💩 07. Da Last Message
BRUH… I’m here to tell you because obviously no one else did.. This may be the worst thing anyone will listen to… ever. You sound like a raspy Michelle Tanner. Your raps are as basic and as terrible as they get. You sound like you recorded this whole project off a fisher price set up. Just because you made the music doesn’t mean it should be put out…
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