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Unorganized stalking – MyTwin

Unorganized stalking – MyTwin
Unorganized stalking – MyTwin
👎1. INTRO – (over)
💩2. Nightstalker
💩3. Foundation (ft Hi. Tylin)
👎4. Panamera II
👎5. Walking Wit Prince (ft Chef Myline)
💩🚫💩6. AR Sumbody (why?)
💤7. Rush (outro)
💩8. FLAWDA (ft Chef Myline)
This shit is rough, poor quality vocals, beats are basic af, not to mention dude went to the G-herbo school of rhyming on beat. Every single song he mentions either someone telling him to kill himself or talks about not killing himself for someone. His features didn’t show up at all, also serving up poor quality recordings. This seems like a first attempt and I dont wanna be to harsh but this ain’t the one champ.
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