Big Fly 2 ep – Big Kahuna Og & Fly Anakin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Big Fly 2 ep – Big Kahuna Og & Fly Anakin

?1. Mind Games
?2. Palma Anthem
??3. Upscale Cuisine 2 f. Henry L.O.
?4. Malice f. Duce
??5. Steak Talk f. Monday Night

Project is dope, production is honestly flawless. and BK does what he has to do, bars flows n all. Features also show up. If i have to say anything negative about this is that I really needed a banger, its dope cuz its short but after a few listens it starts to seem a little safe. Though it does its job making me want more, Its also in the back of my head that 10 tracks just like this would lose its energy in my opinion. Other than that this ep is wild smooth, like watching a summary of an old spike lee movie. In Rotation.
John D.



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