the real 1 – Marlo

the real 1 – Lil Marlo

👍1. Trapping Ain’t dead
👍2. The real one
👎3. Gu wop
🚮4. Pointers (feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)
🚮5. Anything goes (feat. Lil Baby)
🚮6. Good Dope ( feat. YSL Gunna)
🚮7. My home (feat. QUAVO)
🚮8. Shot caller (feat. Offset & YFN Lucci)
🚮9. 4 season
🆗10. Right From Wrong (Feat. Lil Yachty)
🚮11. Belt line
🚮12. Secrets (feat. Skooly)

Id rather play freeze tag in traffic then ever have to listen to this trash again, Production is everyones least favorite 808’s, with a side of mixing by the blind, and a dash of 22 autotune VST. Please stop paying these people… I want my stream money back…




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