Luca Brasi 3 – Kevin Gates

Luca Brasi 3 – Kevin Gates

🌊1. Discussion
👍2. Shaking Back
🆗3. Ridiculous
🌊4. Money Long
🆗5. I Got You
🆗6. Great Man
🆗7. Find You Again
🆗8. Adding Up
🆗9. In God I Trust
🌊10. Me Too
🔥11. Servin H
👎12. Wrong Love
🌊13. Luca Brasi Freestyle
👎14. Shoulda
🌊15. Kung Fu
🔥16. Don’t Know
👎17. Tryna Yea
👎18. M.A.T.A

This album is nothing that’s gonna be remembered. If for the moment everything is just ok, after this album was over it was 18 songs I forgot about. They good for the moment. Production is solid, lyrics are typical Gates nothing new. His fans will be happy about this mediocre shit. Thats all that matters, basic ass shit for y’all gets a basic ass’s. Take this basic ass pumpkin.




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