No Way In Hell – Seed X Nottz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No Way In Hell – Seed X Nottz

?️1. Genesis (Intro)
?2. The devil’s in the White House
?3. Bad Mood
?4. Sunday Morning ft DJ Total Eclipse
?️5. W-HELL 66.6 FM (Interlude
?6. Belt Off (Remix) f. Rockness Monsta & NapsNdreds
?7. When All Else Fail
?8. Pretty Little Liar ft Tiye Phoenix
?9. Yellow Lights (Aubrey DeGrey ft Sauce Money
?️10. Revelations (Outro)

This is the boom bap rap that gets a bad name. The production has that old school feeling, same thing with the his flow and style. Not saying this is a bad thing. To enjoy this album I believe you have to be a fan of this man’s work but also this type of hip hop. If you only like the new school sound this is not for you. Project is not bad but it’s not great either it can put you to sleep. Its one of those so good that it’s bad things. Check it out for your self



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