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Coalescence 2 – J. Maltez & Tim Saunders

Coalescence 2 – J. Maltez & Tim Saunders

Coalescence 2 – J. Maltez Music & Tim Saunders

🌊1. We Back
👍🏾2. Zone
🔥3. More Than 100
👍🏾4. Don’t Try (the end robbed this of a fire)
🆗5. Chasin’
👍🏾6. Sooner Or Later (hook was weak)
👍🏾7. Talk To Em
👍🏾8. Again
🔥9. I Feel Like Lil Yachty
🔥10. Up From Here f. Corinne Kowitski
🌊11. Don’t Care

Project is pretty cool, I was vibing pretty much through the whole thing. You got raps, like bars, you got some new age, you got some really good singing, catchy hooks for the most part but overall you have a complete project that sounds like these 2 had a good time putting it together. They not only can write but they can put together full songs. If this is your first release, well done, def get this on all streaming if you own it all. In rotation.
John D.

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