Epiphania – Rozz Dyliams

Epiphania – Rozz Dyliams

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Epiphania – Rozz Dyliams

??1. Spanish Kiss
?2. Evil Little Thing Called Love
?3. Piranha
?4. You, me, and the dog
??5. Sorry
?6. Mi Ruca Baby
?7. Carnivore
?8. Little Hearbeat
?9. Epiphania
?10. The Long Wait
?11. Druidess
?12. Reading into Dreams
??13. Unhappy
?14. Latitudes

I have my 43:03 minutes I will never get back. He sounds like a walmart version of Post Malone, with out the great beats, hooks, and melodies. I just wanted to understand why some tracks and verses are so fuckin creepy, like your cousin that always had a weird affection towards you creepy. I’m not an R&B guy but this is bad, his production value is the only positive I got it of this.


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