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Epiphania – Rozz Dyliams

Epiphania – Rozz Dyliams

Epiphania – Rozz Dyliams

👎🏾1. Spanish Kiss
💤2. Evil Little Thing Called Love
🆗3. Piranha
🚮4. You, me, and the dog
👍🏾5. Sorry
🆗6. Mi Ruca Baby
🆗7. Carnivore
🚮8. Little Hearbeat
🚛9. Epiphania
🆗10. The Long Wait
🌊11. Druidess
🆗12. Reading into Dreams
👍🏾13. Unhappy
😴14. Latitudes

I have my 43:03 minutes I will never get back. He sounds like a walmart version of Post Malone, with out the great beats, hooks, and melodies. I just wanted to understand why some tracks and verses are so fuckin creepy, like your cousin that always had a weird affection towards you creepy. I’m not an R&B guy but this is bad, his production value is the only positive I got it of this.
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