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Lovding… – reu-dope

Lovding… – reu-dope
Lovding… – reu-dope
🌊1. welcome
😴2. epic of gilgamesh
🔥3. HER X2 f. Xeno
🚮4. S H O T S ( screwww)
🆗5. Freesoody
🆗6. wave station
💩7. Gosha flows f. yolamane
😴8. Preme walk
👎🏾9. Frozone f. yolamane
😴10. Me Myself Nd V
💤11. Freeteej
😴12. stone washy
😴13. Devil Shift
💤14. Riptar
🆗15. Lategoodbye

Project was type wack. Everytime it had something going something else would ruin it. If the beat was dope, the rest would be trash, if the hook was dope the verse or beat was wack and if the verse was dope the hook would be buns city. On top of that issue theres mad effects, some songs it plays towards the trippy experience thing but MOST it doesnt not work. Rapping was here and there but substance is typical new age soundcloud minding other peoples business type shit. Soundcloud need a new policy that bans rappers from talkin bout other poeples bitches or bragging about stuff they cant prove they have. There is promise tho.
John D.

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