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Inspiration Vol 1. – Austin Poe

Inspiration Vol 1. – Austin Poe
Inspiration Vol 1. – Austin Poe
🔥1. Diplomatic Immunity
👍🏾2. Culture
🔥3. Roll In Peace
🌊4. Soul Food
🔥5. DNA
📞6. Geno Speaks on Zoony Life
🆗7. Luxury
👍🏾8. Grind Interlude
🌊9. Cold Out
👍🏾10. Fanego ft. Geno Cash
👍🏾11. Summer 16
😴12. Inspiration ft. SaFyre
🆗13. Picture Me Rollin

Project is solid, production is dope and has variety but what carries this project is his raps. Dude has flow, he punches when he wants to, has cadence, and really takes care of the production hes on. I do feel like he was really close to making an absolute banger, im not mad at what this project offered. Also need more tracks like DNA, I felt like this dude is just holding back a track where he absolutely snaps. Def keepin an eye open, and this is in rotation.
John D.

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