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In Due Time – KR

In Due Time – KR
🌊1. The Coldest
🌊2. Drunk & Confused
👍🏾3. It’s On
👍🏾4. Messing With
👍🏾5. All Facts
🌊6. Just Like That
🆗7. Give It Up For Her
🌊8. That’s My Word
👍🏾9. Pop Out
👍🏾10. Sinful & Forgetful
🌊11. You Know Now
🌊12. Break It Down
🌊13. Ride

Project is cool, for one when dude is getting his sing R&B on it slides, but then he does his Drake talk rap over those dark slow beats and its cool but nothing crazy that we havent heard. Substance is cool and he can rap, production is dope too but it is all very very safe. For the most part it can be some nice background music to vibe, drive or smoke too when your emotional state is undecided but other than that, im not out here saying this NEEDS to be put on. In rotation thooo…
John D.

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