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Ion Wanna Holla – Gator

Ion Wanna Holla – Gator

Ion Wanna Holla – Gator

🆗1. Ion wanna Holla
🌊2. My promise
👍3. Dead Homies 
🆗4. How many times
🆗5. Make it out
🆗6. Resume
👎7. Da money (fear. Taxxes)
👎8. Cleary
👎9. Fuck niggaz (beats smooth)
🚮10. Backwoods (feat. Noshhurt Stakz) *why are you whispering*
🚮11. Get some money (hook is WACK)
👎12. They understand
👎13. Money I’m counting
💤14. Its over… “For you”
🚮15. Im sorry… ‘I’m going to cook you boi just wait”
🚮16. Deserve U
👎17. Fuck love
💤18. Ready for love (I literally yawned)
🚮19. Sex to Love

First off… 19 tracks is WAY too many tracks to have on a project.. Especially if the body of work is trash as a whole. Its a below average rapper showing nothing but below average raps/autotune singing over the same ole trap 808 kit everyone has. It got worse as I listened. Please my people of NYM DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.. I did that for you.

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