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11:32 – WLp

11:32 – WLp
🆗1. intro
🔥2. Walk With Me
👎3. Brand New ( ft The Season)
👍4. Coldness (original version)
👍5. Let’s Go (ft Dro, Don Dada)
👎6. Same Stuff
👎7. 90’s shit
🆗8. Give’em What They Like
👍9. Feels Right
👎10. Sound track To Friday Night
🌊11. Emotionless (original version)
🎬12. 11:59 Outro

Solid project WLP and company can definitely spit, that being said y’all really gotta work on those hooks. The hook on Brand New totally killed what would otherwise be a great track. Basically it boils down to most of the verses are pretty tight but the hooks and little skits where your talking are basura like they were written by Oscar from sesame Street fam. This project could of easily edged out a better rating based on verse alone for the most part but some production choices and those hooks really robbed you of a decent rating. Verse game 💪 hook game weak as my pull out game. (I have a 👶)

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