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40’z In Da Whip…. – L.A. Slvmdxwgs X Symbolic

40’z In Da Whip…. – L.A. Slvmdxwgs X Symbolic
👎🏾1. R.I.P. prod by Mysticphonk (Beat is 🔥)
🚮2. 40’z In Da Whip prod by Nature Beats
🆗3. Getting By … prod by Painkillz Seduction

Ep is weak. First song, fire beat, weak everything else. Dudes are whispering at a high volume with a first time ever rapping swag. Second track same shit but the production is wack too. Last track is ok, production type tough, and they are trying on it so it aint bad. The mixing is off, all vocals have a strange echo and frog voice on it that is more annoying than anything. Substance is tough early teens. This that project suburban kids make about shit they see on tv at night when they parents think they are sleep. I feel like one of those parents.
John D.

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