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Calling All Models: The Prequel – Nick Cannon

Calling All Models: The Prequel – Nick Cannon
🌊1. Courtesy Call / Missed Calls
👍🏾2. Hold My Calls
👍🏾3. You Don’t Have to Call
🆗4. Cousin’s Call
😴5. Long Distance Call
🌊6. Waiting for Your Call / “Call Waiting”
😴7. Frozen Calls
👎🏾8. Motivational Call
💤9. Last Call

Project is a bust. The concept is cool, the production and homage samples are fire and he does his thing a lil bit too sometimes too I can give him that but MOST of it falls flat or comes off a bit corny. Clearly an experimental concept piece for sure I just also get the feeling that he feels his songwriting skills and talent are better than they really are. In short if you open up a can of corn and put a microphone to it, it will do nothing for you. Even if digested it still comes out corn. Pass.
John D.

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