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BOYS – Yung Baby Tate

BOYS – Yung Baby Tate

BOYS – Yung Baby Tate

💤1. B Quiet
👍🏾2. Bugaboo
🚮3. Beckham
👎🏾4. Bubba Gump
🌊5. Boy
😴6. Bob
🚮7. Ben

Project is strange, she can rap, and the production is very all over the place, but they do mix at all, her tone and flow does not work on these crazy beats. They are like trap lullaby beats with a twist of 2 live crew. Then throw a girl who can rap, but chooses to swaggy new age flow, and autotune sing over it with a consistently dull tone and lick my crack subject matter. Project is short, weird, and hard to digest. Pass…
John D.

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