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ShorelineDoThatShit – Shoreline Mafia

ShorelineDoThatShit – Shoreline Mafia

ShorelineDoThatShit – Shoreline Mafia

😴1. Intro
🆗2. Serve a Boat
😴3. Whuss the Deal
🆗4. Power Rangers
🚮5. Spaceship f. Stinc Team
💤6. Pack Em
💩7. Dope House
🚮8. Straight Drop
👍🏾9. Dirty
😴10. Section
💤11. Nun Major
💩12. Poppin it f. Stinc Team
💤13. Musty
👎🏾14. Bottle Service
👍🏾15. B******t (Bonus)
👎🏾16. Break a Bitch Bacc (Bonus)

Project is buns. This is the china man at the barbershop avengers bootleg of soundcloud rappers. If the planeteers powers consisted of insecurity, i f’d your b, same clothes for 3 days, dr suess flows, and pills instead of heart, they would summon this album. Production was meh, raps missed the cut, flows hit this project with a quick matrix dodge, and its too long. Quality I must say was ok tho, I heard everything. Project is a snoozefest, and would probably be ok if they avoided the “wave”. BTW, You are Not a real mafia or trappers, cut it out.
John D.

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