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Aspen – B3nchmarq

Aspen – B3nchmarq

Aspen – B3nchmarq

🌊1. Buzz lightyear
🔥2. Unapologetic (feat. 3tw01)
🌊3. Perfect 
🔥4. Camera shy
👍5. Super Hero
🌊6. Show me
👎7. Aspen
🆗8. Safe landing (outro)

Project is solid. Your production was on point and super smooth. Definitely has that new age Swag rap influences too it. Was enjoyable tho. Unlike some of the trash out there nowadays. You guys mesh well together and your feature did what he needed to for you guys. Keep doing y’all thing out there. We see you. (SHOUT OUT TO OUR FANS IN SOUTH AFRICA!)

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