Out here – Crecon

Out here – Crecon

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Out here – Crecon

?1. Intro
?2. The beast (just jumbling a bunch of words and made a song.) 
?3. All da good
?4. Bills
?/?5. Vibrate/ work
?6. Subliminal comm
?7. I’m gone
?8. Been Innit
?9. Dedicate

Does anyone have a good Otolaryngologists I can contact? I’m sure going to need one (my ears are bleeding) he needs one too if he thinks This sound good in anyway shape or form… You might be the most tone deaf off beat person I’ve ever herd in audio format. I always try and point out a positive in any project I review. But there is nothing good about this. You even ruined the beats for me. Give up. Stop wasting your money….


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