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Bruce Wayne – Fetty Wap

Bruce Wayne – Fetty Wap

Bruce Wayne – Fetty Wap

🆗1. Bruce Wayne (Intro)
👎2. So Different
🆗3. Strawberry Kush
👎4. Look At Me
🆗5. Bruce Wayne
👎6. All For You
🌊7. Star Struck
💤8. Westin
💤9. What We Do
👎10. Wavy
💤11. Hit Some Corners

I didnt know fetty was makimg kids bop music. This is some prom shit. Nothing stands out granted i never thought fetty had substance, but damn the album is named after The Dark Knight. You gave us robin, soft, whining, catchy melodies but thats it. I forgot this shit was on. Each song is just horrible, beside the 3 everything else is just blah, not there. I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. This tape actually made my kid not want to be in the room with me.

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