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Mishlawi ep – Mishlawi

Mishlawi ep – Mishlawi
Mishlawi ep – Mishlawi
🌊1. All Night
🌊2. Boohoo f. Richie Campbell
🌊3. Ignore
😴4. Limbo
🆗5. Afterthought f. Trace Nova
👍🏾6. Fmr
Ep is cool, mad smooth, very clean, lowkey loses its spark halway through but I get what he was trying to do. Hes on his new wave singy sing shit so if you like that stuff this def ranks among the midtier of that bunch. Nothing gamechanging or outside the box. Just solid enough to maybe get a listen out. This is driving around music, but with the windows closed type music. In rotation.
John D.
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