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One Life Left – Creat/ur

One Life Left – Creat/ur

One Life Left – Creat/ur

💩1. Callin’
💩2. You Don’t Faze Me
🚮3. Friends
🚛4. Wamme
🆗5. Enchilada
👍🏾6. Keep ’em Comin’
🚮7. F**k S**t
💤8. In a Dab
🚮9. Bank
🚛10. Look at Me Now
👍🏾11. Would You

Think of all the elements that make the artists that spam you online as the infinity stones, acquired by this man so he can release a very garbage project. The production is free youtube download, the lyrics are “insert emoji” randomly onto instagram posts via bot, the mix and master is rockband mic straight to LANDR (free). In a nutshell most of this is this dude deep breathe rapping over trash beats about lean (when you can make out what hes saying). The 3 ok songs were just that because I could understand him and they sounded like music. Treat this like most sadly treat they local rapper. Ignore it.


John D.

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