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L.O.D – Desiigner

L.O.D – Desiigner

L.O.D – Desiigner

🆗1. Price tag
👎2. Tonka
🌊3. After party 
👎4. Pop iit
🚮5. Destiination ( the spelling of this irritates my life)
🚮6. LA to NY ( how you gonna cut me with a spoon?)
🆗7. Hood 

This album is basically Desiigner humming / rapping (if that’s what you consider that to be) with a heavy serving of “GRAAAAAAAS” and “GE GE’s as the adlibs. Production was ok for the most part he himself ruined them.. If you were expected him to blow your socks off… get checked out immediately and unfollow this page…



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