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Snow Cougar – Yung Gravy

Snow Cougar – Yung Gravy

Snow Cougar – Yung Gravy

💤1. Knockout
😴2. Early Afternoon Stroll f. bbno$
👍🏾3. Sauvecito f. DRAM
🌊4. 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot
💤5. Kathleen f. Ugly God
🌊6. Clock
👎🏾7. Mr. Clean

This project pisses me off. It literally has some of the best/smoothest production I have heard in a while, but this dudes has the most monotone boring rap voice, flow, and bars ever. I wanted to like this, the gimmick, the r&b sound that kept appearing, his name, the project name & cover. This project couldve easily been fires and wavy’s across the board but he took away from all this gold. He could’ve tried more. Everything but him is dope about this project.


John D.

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