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Jp3 – Junglepussy

Jp3 – Junglepussy

Jp3 – Junglepussy

🤣1. State of the union
💤2. Get down ft rico love
👎3. long way home
💤4. I just want it
👎5. Im in love
🆗6. Ocean floor ft wiki
💤7. Ready to ride ft Quin
💤8. All of You
🌊9. Trader joe
👎10. Showers

Where do i start. Substance is not there, if your going to rap about the same thing on each song, try and change up the word play, be creative. On that note creativity is none. Production is basic nothing makes your head nod. This album has nothing to offer beside elevator music im sorry. The songs I did give a positive sign in front of was because they were tolarable and somewhat decent.


John D.

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