Astral Hour – Nevelle Viracocha

Astral Hour – Nevelle Viracocha

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Astral Hour – Nevelle Viracocha

?1. Facts of life
?2. What’s going on
?3. Falling (WOW!)
?4. Surrender 
?5. It’s alright
?6. Thrill of the chance
?7. Encore
?8. All in
?9. Good
?10.Wanted pt. 1
?11. Wanted pt. 2
?12. Multiply
?13. Right here 

Album is smooth. There is zero doubt that Mr. Viracocha has talent and this project shows that 100%. The production on this easy on the ears and flows from track to track effortlessly. You also pour your heart into to your music you can hear it with every track just about and my manz can sing his ass off.


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