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Portraits – Chris Orrick

Portraits – Chris Orrick

Portraits – Chris Orrick

🆗1. Self portrait
👎2. Stories
💤3. Design flaw 
🆗4. The rubrics ( feat. Verbal Kent)
💤5. Lazy buddies
🆗6. Escapes plan
🆗7. Anywhere instead
👍8. Bottom feeder ( feat. Fashawn)
👎9. Barfly
🆗10. Jealous of the sun
🔥11. Mom
🆗12. What happens next

Project is boring for the most part. You had your moments where you showed promise tho. Your flow is hard to follow most of the time. Your production on the other hand is super smooth and easy on the ears. You just don’t do them enough justice in the end. Maybe next time.



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